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E-learning software and flashcard app available for free

You've just downloaded our free E-learning software. Now you only need the companion app to learn while you're on the train, in a café or whichever place you happen to be at a given moment. Like our E-learning tool for PC and Mac our IOS and Android flashcard app is completely free.

Would you like to have ready-made sets of flashcards for a small fee? In our BRAINYOO shop, you can get reliable and high-quality content anytime, anywhere! Everything that you buy in the store will be directly added to your personal cloud, so there’s no need for additional downloading. Just click on the “synchronize” button and the content will be available in your learning file.

Learn faster with our modern E-learning software

Learn faster with our modern E-learning software

Learning with flashcards is a tried and true method used by generations of pupils and students - and the BRAINYOO E-learning software makes it even more efficient. Download BRAINYOO for Mac or Windows and the companion flashcard app for smartphones. Both are completely free.

If you use the right method learning can be fun. With BRAINYOO you can design your own flashcards and tailor them to your personal needs and preferences. Discover the various functions and possibilities offered by our software. Add audiofiles, images and tables and enhance your cards with multiple-choice questions and mnemonic devices.

With BRAINYOO you learn the right way: When developing our E-learning software we paid special attention to learning methods and techniques which are scientifically-based and recommended by experts. The reason is simple: it’s not just how much you learn, it’s how you learn that makes a difference in the end. And if you approach it the right way, you will not only improve your knowledge of the subject matter but of the act of learning itself.