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BRAINYOO 2.0 Mobile

Mobile-BRAINYOO – the flashcard app for your iPhone / iPad and Android-device is an addition to BRAINYOO for Mac and Windows. BRAINYOO trains your long-time memory and helps you to successfully memorize lessons with a variety of different modes. Mobile BRAINYOO allows you to learn regardless of location and synchronizes your learning content with zour BRAINYOO Version for PC and Mac. Mobile BRAINYOO is only developed for the purpose of memorizing on the way. Flashcards can be designed, edited and managed by this app. Additionally, flashcards can be edited and managed conveniently by the desktop app (download), or used for simple online learning. Your achieved learning state can be matched with the cloud. Simply create an account after installing the app. The following learning techniques are available in Mobile-BRAINYOO as well as in other Brainyoo-Clients:

  • Powermode, where drawn flashcards, which need to be learned are picked according to an intelligent system. Best way to learn on a short period on the way!
  • Long-Term-Memory, where flashcards answered correctly are decreasingly asked over the time
  • Exam, in which synchronized flashcards are viewed according to their line-up

All modes can be adjusted for your personal preferences. That way we prevent the fast learner not being challanged or the slow learner not being overwhelmed! Certainly, the app is capable of playing back audio and video within a flashcard and as an own lesson. Reading entire eBooks for it’s content are likewise supported.