Make your own flashcards and become a more proficient learner!

New features of your flashcard software:

  • Organize flashcard sets in lessons and sub lessons via drag & drop
  • Free BRAINYOO 2.0 for iPhone / iPad, Android and Blackberry app
  • Simple online learning through free to use web version
  • Simple Cloud synchronization of learning content and state between your smartphone, web version and desktop learning files
  • Improved searching funtion with filters which even searches through sub lessons
  • Free designing of flashcards with the new WYSIWYG-Editor
  • Smart multiple choice integration for desktop software and mobile app
  • Flashcards can contain multiple images
  • Lessons as entire eBooks
  • Lessons as complete movies and audio books
  • Perfect interaction of consumable learning material with additional querying of before seen content
  • developed learning modes: Powermode for rapid learning, Long-Term Memory for lasting knowledge, Exam for going through before a test
  • Statistics are significant enough for displaying the current level, the learning result, diligence and the to-dos for the upcoming days
  • Premium content available at shop
  • Make annotations at bought content
  • Learn your favorites
  • Reversed questioning of flashcards
  • Virtual classroom : create learning groups, provide content and monitor them
  • Share contents with friends

The different functions of Brainyoo makes efficient and sustained learning possible:

  • You are learning efficiently, because BRAINYOO takes a lot of organizing work away from you. Therefore, you can focus on the most important thing, the learning itself. Thanks to multimedial designing of flashcards, learning becomes faster.
  • Through Brainyoo’s automatic repition function, content is stored in your long-term memory.

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