Customized intervals

Customize settings of the query modes, when they do not fit your learning rhythm:

  • Select in the options Powermode to adjust the probability of drawn flashcards. Customize the number (representing percentage, therefore has to add up to 100) in the boxes to your learning. You probably want to repeat flashcards in compartments one to three more often than the other ones, therefore it is recommended to give them a higher percentage. Press apply after customizing to repeat the content more individually.
  • Select in the options long-term memory to adjust the repetition of flashcards according to elapsed days. Customize the number (representing days) to your preferences. The default settings are adjusted to Ebbinghaus empirically calculated values and should fit well for the most people.
  • Select in the options Exam to adjust the order of drawn flashcards in the resubmission to random or according to the lineup of the flashcards.