Different Modes

BRAINYOO Learning Software offers several learning modes

1. Long-Term memory (spaced retrieval)

You learn with BRAINYOO based on the scientifically tested spaced retrieval. The repetition of flashcards automatically increases with greater time intervalls. Perfectlly suitable for the long-term memory trainer.

2. Powermode

While long-term memory mode is focused on the time based “forgetting curve”, powermode focuses on 6 compartments containing flashcards, which are drawn according to a probability that can be adjusted by you. “Activation buffer for new flashcards” prevents you getting overwhelmed. Firstly, you set the amount of active flashcards. Finally, only the active flashcards will be drawn according to the probability which was set.

3. Exam

BRAINYOO also offers the option to review certain lessons without the usual process of repeating the flashcards. This mode is particularly well suited to learning before exams and tests. The good thing is you can change between the time-based and the lesson-based method anytime you like. Your progress is saved in long-term memory mode and after the exam you can continue with your usual schedule.