Learning in a virtual classroom

Creating a learning group
This functions enables easy creation of learning groups. Invite to your created learning group as many users as desired.

Learn shared content
Shared content by the owner of the learning group can be learned in the queary modes: Powermode, Long-Term memory, Exam.

View learning statistics of others
When users enabled the viewing function, the creator of the learning group can access the statistics of learning progress and the depth of learning.

Stimulate, judge and inspect realistic exams
The creator of the learning group can share his content as an exam. The owner can set up a fixed time, in which the exam needs to be done. Using this function you can create pressure for the examinee. Furthermore, the owner can create an automatic reviewing guideline for the system, which corrects multiple choice questions and assigns a grade on it’s own. Questions, where you have to type the answer will not be reviewed by the system. The system will provide the answer of the examinee next to the right answer to the owner, so that the owner of the learning group can easily check for it’s completeness. After that, the owner can assign corresponding points which the system will use to determine the grade of the examinee and provide it to the examinee.