Learning with multimedia

Trigger as many senses as possible while learning with Brainyoo

The human brain can be approached in many ways and everyone learns differently. Some learn best with visualizing stuff, others do well with using mindmaps or might need a short radio play.

Brainyoo gives you the opportunity to design your own flashcards with multimedia, which enables triggering multiple senses and opens many ways of approaching content. Using drag & drop you can easily move images, audio files and video files into your flashcard.

Common editior functions (bold, italic, underlining, bullets, colors etc.) enables a clear and many-sided designing of your electronic flashcards in Brainyoo. Even multiple choice flashcards can be designed.

Many champions in memorization use visualization for remembering number sequences as fast as possible. Linking visual and auditory elements causes faster remembering and permanently transferring content into your long-term memory.