Learning with mnemonics

With the function for adding mnemonics learning will feel like a breeze. Sleepless nights before important exams will be a thing of the past.


Mnemonic – How you build it

Learning goes with life like water and fire. Therefore, it is essential to use mnemonics for creating an easy way of remembering a huge amount of facts or data. Whether you have to remember the year of a historic event, formulas in mathematics, vocabularies in German or specific orders, mnemonics becomes important for easy learning.

Brainyoo is adjusted to remembering as much learning content in a short period of time as possible. That is exactly why we created a desktop and mobile Brainyoo client. Independant of location, learn everywhere anytime. The use of flashcard function is to remember mnemonics or a specific order.

Art of memory (mnemonic)

To make remembering easier, it is beneficial to know what art of memory refers to. A commonly used word would be mnemonic. Where does the word “mnemonic” have it’s origin? Stubbornness is typical for donkeys. People had a hard time crossing rivers with donkeys centuries ago, which lead to building bridges in order to cross the river. Whether they knew or not, that was pretty smart of the donkeys. That is how mnemonics originated.

Mnemonics are only essential for connecting logical correlations. Whether history, mathematics, German or any kind of lineups of informations, mnemonics need to be build individually. They always consist of personal experiences or preferences.

Everyone knows classical mnemonics like “He, she, it, the s must fit” . However, everyone builds his own mnemonic, which might remind you of the last trip to Germany or birth date of a relative, if you happen to use the Brainyoo vocab coach or simply using it’s functions.

Whether remembering any kind of formulas in mathematics or a simple order of things, art of memory and mnemonics are essential aids. Mnemonics are useful for remembering pythagoras theorem, german vocabulary for the next exam or getting familiar with the date of historical events. Mnemonics are even used for remembering specific orders: For an example: remembering the increasing major scales in musics: Father Charles Goes Down And Ends Battle! The capital letter refers to it’s major. Mnemonics are an indispensable essential aid for learning content- whether it be for studies, education, further education or for the extinct: learning by heart.