Structured learning

so you don’t lose sight of the bigger picture!

The most important insight of learning-research is that you will only succeed when you structure your learning efforts and don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. Many lose the overall view by learning to many inconsequential details. People who learn structured do not only learn more successfully on a short period of time, but increase the efficiency of learning for a long period and making connections with the memory.

What does this mean precisely? A short example may help:

if you learn from a textbook or the script of a lecture, you start out by focusing on the table of contents, in which the various sub-topics are organized. You only start for a deeper understanding when you have a rough outline of the overall view. This ensures a deeper understanding of comprehensive content and creating a networked system in your memory.

This concept was integrated into Brainyoo. Therefore, BRAINYOO offers the possibility of creating a clear and fine structure. You can assign flashcards to various categories, lessons and sub lessons, which enables a structured learning.

For instance, if you use BRAINYOO to study law you should structure your law flashcards like this:

  • Category: “Law”
  • Lesson: „Criminal law”
  • Sub lesson : „Definitions”

If you use BRAINYOO to learn vocabulary for a new language you might structure your material in this way:

  • Category: “Foreign language”
  • Lesson: “Spanish” or “English”
  • Sub lesson: “Irregular verbs”

If you structure all your material this way you will learn more successfully while keeping an eye on the overall view!