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Brainyoo web version

Brainyoo web version is the easiest to use E-learning software and is entirely compatible with all other Brainyoo Versions. This means regardless of wether your are using the digital learning-app or the desktop software for PC and Mac. Using the web version enables you to learn immediately online – independant of bought or self-desgined learning content. Only three clicks are needed for accessing and learning the wished lesson online. Of course the scientific-based learning modes (Powermode, Long-Term-Memory and Exam) are supported too. Additionally, the web version is capable of playing back audio files, video files and eBooks. You can set up and manage various learning groups :

  • other users can be added to learning groups
  • learning groups can get access to own contents
  • the activity of the learning group and the individual can be supervised, the learning statistics
    of the targeted learning group content are accessible by the learning group administrator
    (if the participant shared the statistics)

Learning online with Brainyoo

Online learning with Brainyoo connects learning at home and outside with the goal to make preparations for an exam, a degree or simple learning of vocabularies for your next trip easier, faster, more effective. Made possible through a responsive system, giving Brainyoo the ability to adjust it’s window size to it’s corresponding window. Thereby, selecting and practising learning content is uncomplicated on a smartphone similarily to a widescreen tablet, a PC or on a notebook screen.

Exercises – optional on the internet or at home

How does Brainyoo software know which contents I went through? Which vocabularies I already learned, which Exercises are already processed for further education? How does Brainyoo detect within which learning content I have gaps in knowledge? Synchronization with a database makes it possible. This database, known as “Cloud”, remembers your personal learning state and enables a repeated access of learning content. Learning was never as easy and mobile. Learning online enabled everywhere – independant of location and device. As with app and desktop version, the web version is also for free.

Children, student, experienced professionals – online learning with Brainyoo

The learning concept of brainyoo is scientifically proven and has been tested over many years. The idea of getting learning knowledge into the long-term memory and to prove if you managed to get it there, is not something new. However, the intelligent implementation through the Brainyoo Team is new – you do not have to locally install BRAINYOO 2.0 in order to use the web version, everyone can simply learn learning files online.

This is how simple it works

In order to use the web version simply sign up with an existing Brainyoo or Facebook account. People who decide immediately for the web version do not have to download softwares, the learning content is retrieved from the “Cloud” and saved.

Creating own learning content

To begin with: the designing of personal learning content is simple. Wether your notes were written down from school, during lectures at a university, schooling or further education – every important knowledge can be transfered into the software and can be repeated until you actually learned it.

Buy learning content

Wether you need questions or multiple-choice or german grammar or wether you need verbs or vocabulary in french, spanish or english – we have a variety of learning offers. Among the language learning category we grouped together examples of foreign language. For an example, there are english basic vocabularies for beginners and business english for any, who want to express themselves in a meeting between entrepreneurs.

Learning content for further education

Good prepartion for exams is not bound to books anymore. You are able to go through learning files , as an example for IHK final exams, from a publishing company for learning media with the Brainyoo software in the bus, train or during the half break of soccer game. Through synchronization of learned content the software calculates the current level and adjusts the next learning content to what needs to be done in order to achieve the next level of knowledge. By investing a few minutes daily, you will achieve a measurable learning result.